News of Geotate has been circling the web for some time, but recent developments have seen this technology take a step further.

For those not in the know, Geotate provides a geotagging solution for cameras, both video and still, either as an in-built solution, or as a clip-on accessory.

Geotate claim that their system avoids the problems associated with using traditional GPS solutions: the Geotate method grabs a 200ms snapshot to bring in raw data from GPS satellites, which is then processed once you return to your PC.

Traditional solutions carry out the processing at the time, leading to long delays and increased power demands. To complete the geotagging process the captured data needs to be run through the Geotate software and servers, to identify the actual location.

For those looking to integrate the system into their existing camera, if you have a hotshoe then you’re in luck as the Geotate system will be coming to market as the JOBO photoGPS. The hotshoe device will have a 128MB internal memory, enough for around 1000 locations, with reported accuracy to the nearest 10 metres. A USB 2.0 connection gives power to the internal rechargeable battery as well as allowing data download.

The JOBO photoGPS will be available from October 2008, costing around 159 euros.