Kingston has announced it is shipping the 8GB Multi-Kit and 4GB microSDHC card plus USB reader.

The company says these two new products make transferring and saving files between mobile phones and multiple devices much easier and convenient as well as increasing storage for music, photos, videos, ringtones and other files.

"The 8GB Multi-Kit is a terrific all-in-one solution that combines a large capacity microSDHC card with dual adapters and a USB reader", said Wendy Lecot, flash business manager, Kingston.

"The 4GB microSDHC card plus USB Flash reader bundle makes transferring or 'side-loading' content between a PC and mobile phone easy. Consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive on our ultra-small USB reader. It is the perfect accessory to attach to a phone via the included loop, making it handy for quick data transfers."

Kingston’s 8GB Multi-Kit features an 8GB microSDHC card along with mini- and full-size SD adapters as well as a USB reader and will cost £18.30 plus VAT while the 4GB micrSDHC card plus USB reader is £10.60 plus VAT.