Earlier in the year, we all went a little dizzy over the landing of mini camcorders in the UK, most notably the Flip Ultra Edition and the Creative Vado. Soon after we saw the slimmer version, the Mino, surface in the US and we all looked on in envy.

Well, send that green eyed monster back to the closest, because Firebox showed of the Flip Mino on Wednesday as one of their top Christmas gifts at an event in London. Strangely, there is no sign of the Mino on the UK Flip site, or on the Firebox website...

Available in black or white, the new models now offer touch controls, replacing the somewhat toy-like buttons of the Ultra. The USB moves to the top of the device and still has the distinctive flip-out action.

The details (from the US model) are a svelte 4 x 2 x 0.6 inches a weight of 3.3 ounces, 40% smaller than the Ultra. The 2GB of internal storage should give you an hour of footage and you now get a sealed Li-ion battery.

As before, the software is all on-board for rapid sharing online. Firebox told us it would retail for £119.95.