Drinkstuff are offering an SD card projector on a pre-order basis for delivery towards the end of June.

We'll start right out by saying that the specs on this aren't great - think of it as more of a novelty that a impressive bit of kit - but it's not going to be


hard to get your £100 of fun out of it.

This "Micro Projector" has a slot in the back for a standard SD (and therefore presumably MMC) memory card and will project your photos and video from your card in an old skool home cinema stylee.

This is a little standalone 4 x AA battery powered unit measures 165mm by 105mm and can project an 800mm image, weighing less than three quarters of a kilo, it's also fairly safe to call it portable.

You can also plug the projector into your DVD player, TV, or gaming console and - thanks the projector's ability to record to SD card - record from these mediums for later playback.

Projection is powered by an LED light and resolution comes in at 480 x 240. There's also a built-in speaker for sound from video and MP3 files and the lens offers manual focus.