Epson has launched a new plug-in for the Adobe family of products that provides users with enhanced functionality and flexibility to make colour-managed photo printing quicker and easier.

Made specifically for Adobe's Photoshop CS and Elements products, Epson designed the software to meet the needs of users of its Stylus Pro 3800 and its A3+ printers, including the new Epson Stylus Photo R2880.

Mark Robinson, Senior Product Manager at Epson UK said: “The new Epson plug-in provides an invaluable tool for the keen photographer, allowing them to increase their efficiency when printing a wide variety of projects."

The Epson interface splits the printing workflow into three steps; image selection, layout selection/definition and printer settings and previewing. The window of each step is modular and can be minimised to optimise space on-screen.

Within the layout function users can select from three layout types - template, index and free layout, which can be arranged over
multiple pages.

There are over 170 templates, ranging from credit card sizes to A2 and users can also create custom templates and save them for
regular use. Once the layout is selected, images are simply dragged and dropped into the template and can even be cropped as needed.

Colour management can be automated for both direct colour management using the printer driver, and ICC profile-based colour management. Users can also specify their own ICC profiles for specific print media.

The Epson Print Plug-In is available as a free web download from the Epson Europe website and supports Mac OS 10.4.3 – 10.4.10 (Tiger), Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Windows XP SP2 and Vista.