Flip Video has confirmed to Pocket-lint that from 1 June and going forward, software updates will be available to download from their website to update your device.

The Flip makes use of software installed on the device itself, rather than on the connected PC. Amongst other features, the software provides shortcuts to popular video sharing sites YouTube, AOL Video and MySpace TV. These shortcuts are a reflection of its American heritage and perhaps not those that UK users would primarily choose.

Flip Video confirmed that they are in talks with popular UK video sharing and social networking sites, to increase the number of options to appeal to users in Blighty.

The highly portable and simple Flip has been a huge hit stateside and is just starting its conquest in the UK. Flip Video has confirmed that the range of accessories will also be available to purchase in the UK, including a handlebar mount for action on the bike and a waterproof case for those filming watersports.

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