JVC is launching a new camcorder for the YouTube generation.

The Everio S Series GZ-MS100 is designed specifically for people who want to shoot and then load their homemade movies straight onto the web to share with friends and family.

The “One-Touch Upload to YouTube” option is made possible by PC and CyberLink software.

In camera mode, the camcorder can record in 10 minute lengths, which is the exact time matching the YouTube file size limit so cuts out the need for any manual editing.

But the GZ-MS100 is also a fully fledged camcorder weighing 0.6 lbs.

It records straight to SD Card rather than HDD.

Up front, the GZ-MS100 has a Konica Minolta lens providing a 35x optical zoom.

It is built around a Gigabrid Engine which improves the S/N ratio 30% over previous models.

Other specs worth a mention are the Laser Touch Operation, first seen in the Everio G Series released earlier this year.

This means that the functions are controlled from a touch-sensitive blue-light-surrounding scroll bar with buttons – which means you don't have to get your paws on the 2.7 inch backlit LCD screen.

No price as yet but keep watching this space.