If you're one of the people that has never quite got the most out of your D-SLR because the manual just looked far too daunting, the QuickPro's range of DVD camera guides may be worth a look.

First launched three years ago, the company has now decided to produce new DVD camera guide titles every month - the latest being tutorials for the Nikon D60 and Canon Xsi.

"People don't want to spend the hours required to read and apply a user manual," says Landon Bradfield, QuickPro, LLC's sales manager.

"Consequently, they buy these amazing SLR cameras and then never realise their full potential and the power of this mind-blowing technology. There's a great disconnect there, so we're changing that with our DVD tutorials."

QuickPro offers DVD guides for Canon, Olympus, Pentax and Nikon cameras. In addition, instructional DVDs on digital photography for beginners and advanced users, as well as
photography with Photoshop tutorials, are also available.

The QuickPro Camera Guides are mainly available in the US, but there are retailers that will ship them worldwide - but of course, at your expense.