A new high-resolution tactical head camera as worn by the police for surveillance operations is being launched by Maplin.

Rather than for use in such tactical operations, the retailer is angling the device as the perfect portable camera for "recording your every move".

Maplin says the kit can be used to record sports activities where you need your hands free for action such as cycling, climbing, etc.

The camera, which clips securely on to the ears, feeding the wires round the back of the head, also has a built-in microphone for audio recording, and a 4.3mm lens, giving an 80 degree viewing angle.

When connected to a portable recorder, it produces "high quality" recordings and comes with a complete set of power and cable accessories, meaning recordings can be played through a number of different devices.

Extra connections also allow it to be used with any recorder that has video and audio phono inputs.

The separate battery box means the camera can be powered directly from a standard square battery, but in some cases, the recorder can power the camera directly, so that extra connections won't be needed.

The camera is available from Maplin's online store at a price of £229.99 with next-day delivery.