ViewSonic is making its first foray into the digital photo frame market.

Its range comprises the widescreen 7-inch DP701W4WH, widescreen 8-inch DF88W-523 and traditional 8-inch DF87G533.

Pictures can be uploaded to the frames with a USB cable or directly from a camera’s memory card.

With 128MB of internal memory standard, the frames can display and rotate nearly 106 1.2-megapixel images.

The user can browse and display photos individually, view thumbnails or create an image slideshow with transition effects.

The widescreen 7-inch DP701W4WH offers an 800 x 480 resolution, 220 cd/m2 brightness and a 400:1 contrast ratio.

It has a modern white acrylic bezel and can display JPEG or BMP files and also includes a clock and alarm.

The widescreen 8-inch DF88W-523 and traditional 8-inch DF87G-533 display JPEG, BMP and M-JPEG files, and the DF88W also displays MPEG2 and MPEG4 files.

The DF88W offers 800 x 480 resolution and 300:1 contrast ratio while the DF87G offers 800x600 resolution and 500:1 contrast ratio.

Both frames include an integrated speaker for MP3 sound, a remote control and clock, alarm and calendar functionality.

The frames are currently available for $99 for the DP701W4WH and $119 for the DF88W and DF87G.