Memorex has announced the launch of a new all-in-one back up solution without the need for a hard drive.

Called Memorex SimpleSave, the DVDs let consumers automatically find, organize and back up their photos and music just by inserting the SimpleSave disc into their DVD drive.

There are two types of disc available, SimpleSave:Music and SimpleSave:Photo that scan your PC once inserted into your DVD drive and save photo or audio files accordingly.

Each disc has 4.5GB of capacity, enough to back up approximately 2200 photos or 1000 songs based on average file sizes according to Memorex.

The back-up software automatically launches from the SimpleSave disc, with no installation required, then finds the designated file types on your PC and saves them onto the very same SimpleSave disc.

The software automatically lets you know when the disc is full and prompts you to insert another disc.

Memorex SimpleSave:Photo back-up solution DVDs will be available in packs of five discs for around $12.99 per pack.

Memorex SimpleSave:Music back-up solution DVDs will be available in packs of three discs for around $9.99 per pack.

No word on UK pricing or availability.

We will keep you posted.