Be has launched the Be home monitor service, a wireless indoor camera that connects to the Be Broadband service.

The service combines "state-of-the-art" technology in digital network cameras, high-speed internet services and mobile communications, and is aimed for either home or business premises.

Members arm the camera when they go out by pressing the "Armed" button on the keyfob remote. From then on, if it detects any movement, the camera will record what it sees.

Depending on how the service is set up, members will be alerted by SMS or sent a picture by MMS text and/or e-mail.

Members can then access their online account to see what is going on at home from any online computer or web-enabled phone to see live streaming from the camera and view up to 100 stored alarm incidents.

Boasting plug and play set-up, the camera is wireless and can be positioned anywhere within range of the Be Box.

The service has a set-up fee of £150 and a £5 monthly service charge. This gives members ownership of the camera and unlimited access to their personalised account to view alarms and live streaming, and unlimited email alerts, subject to fair usage policy and 100 SMS and 10 MMS alerts per month.

The Be home monitor service is available only to Be Members and can be ordered via the Be site.