"Euricase will change jewelry gift-giving as we know it today. It will not be thrown away or put in a drawer. The box will be shared with family and friends as an ongoing reminder of the couple's special life events."

So says the founder of the company, Euri, that has created this unique gift box. For just $200 you get a 2-inch LCD screen, built-in speakers, "perimeter" lighting (to make the ring stand out) and although not specified, apparently enough memory for up to 500 images or 60 minutes of video.

Content is transferred by USB, which we assume is also how the product is powered, this is about the same size as a normal gift box would be, but so much more special.

A neat idea, especially if your girlfriend is of the tech-persuasion, this could make a proposal a little bit more romantic. Just don't do anything silly like try and drop it in champagne flute on the big night...