Lindy Electronics has announced a new Mini HDMI Adapter in response to the latest generation of high definition camcorders and notebook computers that are increasingly supplied with Mini HDMI (type C) connectors.

This can be inconvenient for users who have only a single HDMI input to their TV or other display device.

"If a user has only a single HDMI input to their TV it is likely they will have to swap the complete cable so that they can connect to their camcorder", comments Andrew Ingram, product manager of Lindy Electronics.

"A better solution is to user the LINDY Mini HDMI adapter so that only one end needs to be swapped."

The LINDY HDMI Female to Mini HDMI Male adapter enables a standard HDMI cable with a male plug to be connected to a device with a mini HDMI port.

"The LINDY Mini HDMI Adapter is also a useful item to keep in your camera case", continues Andrew Ingram.

"You never know when you might want to view your latest masterpiece on someone else's TV".

THe HDMI Female to Mini HDMI (Type C) Male Adapter, part no 41235 is available now, for £8.99.