Fisher-folk can now "see" underwater to watch their intended prey before they cast off for the catch.

A new, affordable underwater video camera has been launched in the States.

A totally self-contained, fully-assembled underwater viewing system, Fish TV is going on sale for just $99.

The system includes a waterproof video camera (shaped like a fish so as not to scare the residents, natch) which has a built in infrared light and projects pics to the 5-inch black and white CRT monitor.

The unit's low price point and ease of use hopes to bring a new generation of enthusiasts to the "enjoyment and learning of underwater viewing".

"Observing the aquatic environment and its many forms of life adds an entirely new dimension to the sport of fishing", says Nature Vision president and CEO, Jeff Zernov.

"It's a natural for any angler curious about the fish they chase. Fish TV is the most affordable means to satisfy this curiosity."

"So many fishing families, especially those with kids, are fascinated by the idea of underwater viewing, and now they can afford to do so. We think that's pretty exciting."

So we do Jeff, if a bit bonkers - link below.