The world's largest photography is about to go on show in the US, and when we say large we mean it.

Measuring 107’–5” x 31’–5” or 3375-square-feet, the picture taken with the world's biggest camera (naturally), will go on show in September in America.

How do you take a photo that size?

Well you turn a F-18 fighter plane hangar in California into a camera and you cover the canvas in 80 litres of Silver halide emulsion.

The aperture size was a one-quarter inch (6mm) pinhole 15 feet above ground level—no lens or other optics where used. The picture was snapped over 35 minutes while the artists went for a cup of coffee.

To develop the picture the artists behind it all, collectively know as The Legacy Project, created a custom built Olympic pool-sized developing tray using ten high volume submersible pumps and 1800 gallons of black and white chemistry.

And the results?

Well see for yourself, but Southern California artist and longtime UCLA professor Robert Heinecken has said:

“The photograph is not a picture of something, but is an object about something.”