Following on from the GZ-HD7, JVC has announced the high-definition Everio GZ-HD3 hard disk-based camcorder, which is 27% smaller than the HD7.

Specs are on-paper impressive, with three CCD image sensors, 1440 x 1080 resolution and a 60GB hard drive.

Obviously dependent on the recording quality you select, this 60GB capacity means you can record up to seven hours of video before you need to download the content. There is also an SD card slot.

The GZ-HD3 employs various proprietary JVC technologies to improve results such as noise reduction and native progression image processing.

The camcorder offers HMDI and video output, USB and Firewire connectivity and can be connected to either a PC or a Mac.

It also boasts 2.8-inch LCD display and a built-in light.

The GZ-HD3 is due out in America this Autumn, with a $1300 price tag.