The 3rd-i mobile security camera is a triband GPRS camera with SIM that hooks up with your mobile phone to give you almost instant visual access to any disturbance.

The camera is wireless and is quick and easy to self-install. Once installed, the 3rd-i system can detect when an intruder has entered a home using infrared and motion sensors.

When an alarm is triggered the 3rd-i control centre sends a text message alert to your mobile phone. A recording of the event that set the camera off or what's happening at that time can then be viewed via live streaming video.

Images are stored at the 3rdi control centre for up to 30 days, so if the mobile phone is switched off when the alert is sent, video of the event is still available.

The cameras can be viewed from any location around the world by multiple phones and the images are date and time stamped so, in a worst case scenario, they can be used in a court of law.

The 3rd-i mobile security system is available now from leading retailers, priced from £199.99 with a £9.99 a month subscription.