AG Neovo announced the launch of the V-10 digital photo frame.

Although lacking any wireless connectivity and some of the latest features accompanying recent launches by other manufacturers. The V-10 digital photo frame does combine intellectual features with a sleek, contemporary finish.

The button-less “touchable frame” has a minimalist design and appears easy to use, with quick smart upload, store and display of digital photos. However, another down point, the display is a small 7-inches.

The photo display itself is a high 800 x 480 resolution with a 400 contract ratio. The V-10 has the capacity to store photos on the frame itself opposed to relying on the use of memory cards only, featuring a 128MB built-in flash memory.

It is compatible with five memory card formats (SD/MMC/MS/CF/MD) and a mini USB port for efficiency in uploading digital photos. It includes a built in rechargeable lithium battery that claimed to be essential to this unique design.

An integral facility that the V-10 has to offer is a calendar and clock that supports the automated turn on and off set up daily.

Robert Sung, Sales Manager, AG Neovo Technology UK commented; “AG Neovo has created the V-10 digital photo frame using its experience developing high quality displays. The simplicity of the design combined with the complex technology has resulted in a product suitable for everyone to use anywhere”.

The V-10 digital photo frame is available now for £150.