A technology similar to Olympus' Live View technology that allows you to get a live image on the LCD screen on its digital SLR cameras just like most compact models has come to Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony and other brands.

Well sort of.

Created by a camera accessory maker Argraph, the Zigview S2 Eyepiece Adapter slots over your camera's optical viewfinder and shows a live view of what it sees in its swiveling screen.

The Zigview-S2 display module rotates 300 degrees and flips up and down 180 degrees.

Argraph say that it will also detect variations on the viewfinder image to fire camera shutter and you can divide the screen image into nine sections and vary sensitivity in each section for a wide range of applications.

The sensing module and display module can be separated using an accessory video transceiver cable.

This enables you to remotely monitor the viewfinder image from up to 40ft away and also fire the shutter remotely from the remote monitor.

Three models each at $500 are available and they come with optics tuned for specific camera models.