If you find that you are one of those clumsy people that is always clonking their Digital SLR camera, one American company is hoping to come to the rescue.

Called Camera Armor (yes the American spelling of the word) the rubberised armour covers your pride and joy very much like a silicon iPod case does the iconic MP3 player.

Available for most main stream cameras including Nikon's D80 and D200 models, as well as Canon's EOS 400D (Rebel XTI in the US) and the higher end EOS 5D the cases promise to protect your DSLR from knocks and bumps and the odd bit of rain.

Camera Armor products come with the "Body Armor"; an LCD shield made from polycarbonate that protects the screen from impact and abrasion; and the Lens Armor, a rugged protective ring that stretches to fit most common lenses.

The Lens armor doubles as a sun hood, and can be rolled out of the way for wide angle shot. It even comes with a handy lens cap leash that attaches your lens cap to the lens armor with a silicone tab.

"The unique thing about Camera Armor is the fact that it protects your camera wherever you go, regardless of what you are doing. You put it on, and leave it on, so no matter what bumps life throws at you, your camera is protected" says Graeme Esarey, General Manager of Made Products, the company behind the idea.

"Unlike other cases, you don't sacrifice much in the way of function. I can still change a memory card with one hand, the battery with the other, and be ready for the next shot. But my camera is protected the whole time."