If you find that you always need to steady your digital camera, but there is no where suitable for your tripod, then perhaps the Joby Solo might help.

Launched by the company behind the Gorillapod, Joby has announced a new monopod at PMA 2007 in Las Vegas.

Using the same linking technology, the company is launching what it is calling the Joby Solo, a single link monopod that allows you to wrap it around posts to hold your camera or flashes.

Available in two variants; there is a 20 link option which will cost $29.95 and a 30 link option which will cost $39.95.

Pricing hasn't been confirmed in the UK, however a spokesman for the company told us that it would be very similar in pounds rather than working at current exchange rates.

Of course you could also wear it as the latest accessory on Ladies Day at Royal Ascot this year as styled by Mel Burns from the marketing department at Joby.