More products for the budding studio photographer or eager eBay seller looking to improve picture quality.

The Collapsible Studio Cubelite Kit takes the Cubelite concept further, and lets you pack up a whole mobile studo.

The kit is supplied with two lights, one to light the base section and once to light from above with the softbox. This surrounds the product in light against a white background, so that it's simple to cut out the object during post processing.

Available in two sizes, the smaller costs £370, while the larger is £460.

For those who use the original Cubelite Kit, there's the illuminated Cubelite Light Table, which is supplied with tungsten light to create a "floating cut out" look. Shining light from underneath the product eliminates shadows altogether.

The Light Table is available for £210 for a smaller size, and £260 for the larger.