Monitor calibration my sound dull, but if you use a laptop or print lots of digital photos making sure your screen is correctly calibrated is likely to save you a lot of time printing out or publishing poor coloured prints or images.

Pantone, who already offer a monitor calibration solution for desktop computers have today announced the launch of its newest monitor calibration product, the hueyPRO.

According to Pantone, the hueyPRO, which is about the size of a marker pen, is designed for photographers and creative professionals to improve colour clarity and consistency across multiple CRT, laptop and LCD displays.

The original huey made the once complicated task of monitor calibration simple and approachable. The new hueyPRO offers additional functionality for users who frequently print photos and other graphics, share them between monitors or upload them to Web sites.

“Monitor calibration is the first step to controlling colour in a digital workflow, yet many designers and photographers still don’t calibrate and profile their monitors”, said Helmut Eifert, vice president of Pantone Europe. “By offering easy to use, professional features, we hope to build awareness for the importance of monitor calibration in the colour management process.”

The hueyPRO will be available in April 2007 from the company's website and online retailers for an RRP of £88.