Jobo, which makes all sorts of imaging accessories from their offices in Germany, has announced it will be showcasing several new products at PMA this year, including a new image storage device and a GPS receiver for photographers.

The Spectator is a departure from its GIGA Vu PRO evolution device. It's a mid-range product that offers a small colour display and comes in 40GB, 80GB, and 120GB versions.

The smallest will retail for around €250; the 80GB will sell for €300, and the 120GB monster will be €380.

Also new, and not ready to hit the shelves until summertime, is the photoGPS, a receiver for digital cameras. It will cost only €150, and promises to geo-tag images.

Rather than writing the GPS data straight to the EXIF, this is done in post-processing.

It sits on any camera with a hotshoe, usually used for a flash gun, and every time the shutter is pressed, it determines the GPS coordinates.

When you hook it up to a computer (PC or Mac), you simply point the software to the folder where your images are stored, and it then writes the longitude and latitude data to the EXIF by comparing the time images were taken to the time the coordinates were recorded.

You can then add city, country, region, street, and point of interest information through the Jobo software.

Jobo's other product is a new one-touch software called Incremental Back-up, which allos you to transfer images stored on the GIGA Vu Pro Evolution to an external storage device, effectively synching them.