A new gadget for webcam users is hoping to put an end to the age old problem of not looking at the other person when you are on the webcam.

Called See Eye 2 Eye, the device works like a periscope.

When you place the device over your current webcam, a set of mirrors beams the picture of the person you're talking to onto an optical grade beam-splitting glass, which sits in front of your webcam lens. You can see the reflected image while the other party isn't even aware you're looking at anything but your webcam.

The company states that most webcams from Logitech, Creative, Apple, and other manufacturers will work with See Eye 2 Eye.

Available from next week, the device will cost $99 and the company offers two versions - one suitable for desktop monitors, the other for laptop screens.

The company also offers Teleprompting software so you can use the device to read scripts to camera.