JVC has announced what it is claiming is the World's first Full HD consumer camcorder.

The new camcorder that offers a recording resolution of 1920 x 1080i will be apart of the company's JVC Everio Hard Drive camcorder line.

The new model, called the HD Everio GZ-HD7, will come with a 60GB built-in hard drive that allows users to record up to 5 hours of full HD 1920 x 1080i recording at a high 30Mbps.

Inside and the camcorder features three CCDs and a Fujinon lens which offers up to a 10x optical zoom. Other features such as optical image stabilisation, a full array of manual controls and multiple digital connections are also included.

Those not looking to go HD, will be able to get 7 hours of recording in SP mode with a resolution of 1440 x 1080i, and a 1440CBR mode with a resolution of 1440 x 1080i and a 5-hour capacity.

The camera will come bundled with editing and archiving software, and availability of an optional HD Everio SHARE STATION for easily transferring footage to disc.

Also, because it records in the MPEG2 Transport Stream video format, HD Everio recordings can be archived onto Blu-ray discs using provided software and a high definition Blu-ray recorder.

While the HD Everio offers fully automated operation for point and shoot simplicity, it also offers a wide range of manual controls. These include a manual focus ring, manual white balance, exposure control, shutter priority mode, aperture priority mode and sharpness control. In addition, a Focus Assist function displays the edge of the in-focus elements in colour while the rest of the image is black-and-white, making it easy to check which image elements are in focus. And a Zebra function displays a striped pattern across highlight areas on the image in the LCD monitor, making it easier to manually set the exposure.

The HD Everio is equipped with three digital interfaces - USB, HDMI and i.LINK. USB is primarily for file saving, HDMI for digital viewing on large screen displays, and iLink streams high definition video in full resolution or 1440CBR mode. HD recorded material is down-converted for output in DV over i.LINK, or in standard definition via the analogue component/ S-Video/ Composite output.

The JVC HD Everio GZ-HD7 will be available in the US in April and cost $1799.95. The company has not announced a UK price or availability as yet.

We will keep you posted.