Brits spend a great deal more on Christmas than our continental friends do, says new research comparing the cost of commonly-purchased Christmas gifts. compared the cost of a bus ticket, Big Mac lunch, coffee, DVD, Book, CD, and digital camera in 21 countries of Europe.

Brits have to fork out £306.89 for those items, placing us 15th on the comparison table, but Ireland is the most expensive shopping destination in Europe, costing £341.45.

Other pricey places are Finland at £329.21, Cyprus at £339.24, and Spain at £311.50.

Belgium gives you the best value for money, at £244.35, with a difference of over £60 of what we pay in Britain for the same items.

Behind Belgium are Hungary, Poland, France, and Germany, who all are under the £275 mark. The first nation to come in over £300 is Hungary, followed by England, Norway, and Denmark.