If you've ever needed to scan and store documents on the go, the new DocuPen RC800 could be just the thing you've been looking for.

Its manufacturers call it the world's smallest handheld colour full-page scanner. It lets you scan a document in 4 seconds and save it to your PC or portable device, or store it in its memory.

Measuring just 210cm long and 2cm wide, it gives full colour 24-bit scanning, and can scan black and white and colour in resolutions from 100 to 400dpi.

Rather than having just one small scan element at the top, the RC800 has an electronic eye all along the length of the scanner, which lets you quickly scan a document with one swipe. Just lay the document down, start at the top of the page, and sweep down. It has rollers to ensure that you scan steadily in a straight line.