To go along with its Generation 4 series Archos portable media players, the company has released the Helmet Camcorder for recording video to the devices.

Compatible with the 404, 504, 604, and 604 WiFi, the tiny camcorder comes with a headband to make it easy to shoot while playing sports or other activities.

A built-in remote and microphone means you don’t have to take out the media player in order to control the device, while the recording lights let you know when you’re on candid camera.

Video is captured with a resolution of 420 lines on a 1/4-inch Sony sensor, and is stored in MPEG4 format up to VGA resolution. The camcorder sucks juice from the media player’s batteries, which means that the battery will last a shorter time than usual.

The lightweight device won’t weigh you down while playing sports, as it’s only 110g and measures 104 x 22 x 14mm.

The Helmet Camcorder is available this month for £100.