Third Eye is a goggle equipped with a minicam that plugs into the analogue input of a camcorder, thus providing you with an on-board video camera. The camera is housed in a rubber casing, which holds the minicam onto the goggle strap.

The minicam will feed into a camcorder that can be stored in a backpack out of the way. So, no more holding the camera whilst you take on that table top – you can stay in control and let the filming take care of itself.

Technical features of the Third Eye goggle-camera:

• Screen with spherical geometry for panoramic viewing
• Double polycarbonate screen from BNL-Essilor ensuring unbeatable anti-fog protection
• Video cam equipped with a high resolution 1/3” Sony CCD image sensor with 480 lines
• Quality equivalent to that of a digital camcorder
• Compact camera 8cm long by 2cm wide, and weighing 60g
• Casing is waterproof to a depth of 1m (designed for surface filming) and 100% aluminium for shock resistance.
• Interchangeable lenses: 4 focus modes available
• Choice of 3 screen colours for all types of weather
• Strap featuring 3 strips of silicon for optimal comfort
• Screen and strap are easily replaceable