Pure Digital has updated its simple little camcorder to include a built-in USB cable to make sharing video easier.

The Point and Shoot Camcorder has pre-installed software that makes it simple to upload video directly to either Google Video or Grouper with the touch of a button. It's not the prettiest of devices, with a USB sticking out of it like an arm, but for people who are in to shooting lots of silly home movies, it could be just the thing.

The software also offers one-step emailing of video, as well as video greeting cards and video editing.

Barebones features include a 2x digital zoom (no optical zoom available), a tiny 1.4-inch colour screen, and enough memory for either 30-minutes or 60-minutes of footage, depending on the model.

The smaller retails for $130 from November, the larger for $170; look out for them at retailers like Target, Costco, and Amazon.com.