Epson has officially launched the P-3000 and P-5000 multimedia storage viewers after first announcing them at the beginning of the month.

The price for the 40GB P-3000 will be £349, while the 80GB P-5000 will be £500 when they hit the shelves in October.

The new versions are 250% faster than the older P-2000 and P-4000, and boast a 4-inch display rather than a 3.8-inch one.

The Fine Ultra screen technology in the new devices uses red, blue, emerald green, and yellow green rather than the standard RGB filters. It therefore has an increased total colour gamut of more than 16.7 million colours, and is the first portable product to support 88% of the Adobe RGB colour space.

It also supports xvYCC video colour space for vivid colour reproduction; as far as file types go, it supports MP2, AAC, WMA formats for music, and DiVX, MPEG1/2/4, AVC, WMV9 and Motion JPEG for movies.

SD and CF cards provide quick transfer of images and media files, and images can be rated for better file management before download to a PC.