(Pocket-lint) - Lovers of the 6 x 17 medium format camera will rejoice at the news that Seitz has brought out a digital model. The catch is that it pumps out 1GB files per image with 160MP of resolution, and that, unlike the little old Fuji analogue model, it’s not particularly portable.

Its 160MP of resolution creates a native 6 x 17cm image, which is no easy feat. The sensor was developed by Dalsa, an American sensor manufacturer, and features special anti-blooming technology, as well as 48-bit colour depth and a high dynamic range.

The Seitz D3 digital scan back on the rear is interchangeable with other cameras, including the Roundshot D3 panorama camera and future medium or large format cameras. The size of the image captured is fully adjustable to 6 x 6, 6 x 9, 6 x 15, or 6 x 17 panoramic.

Camera settings are controlled with a small touchscreen on the back, where functions are displayed as graphical icons; to use the device on the go, the setup comes with a Mac Mini, and it can also be hooked up to a Sharp Zaurus or other PDA.

Schneider or Rodenstock medium format lenses are recommended, but the mount can be adapted for Linhof Technorama, Fuji, and other large-format lenses as well.

The price for such high-resolution panoramic photo-trickery? €28,900 (£19,500) for the mobile version, and €26,900 (£18,150) for the studio version.


Writing by Amber Maitland.