Corel has been quick to respond to Adobe’s announcement of Elements 5.0 yesterday with a new version of Paint Shop Pro Photo, version XI.

This release incorporates a number of new features, including a Photo Organiser that also functions as a file browser and seems to offer similarity functionality as Adobe Bridge does to Photoshop.

The Photo Organiser is built within Paint Shop Pro so that users can quickly locate images and search for images by filename, date, file type, or folder location, as well as assign ratings, keywords, and other metadata.

Other major additions are the Color Changer tool, Time Machine, Film and Filters, Skin Smoothing, Quick Review, and Photo Trays.

The Color Changer Tool lets users replace blocks of colour realistically by matching the illumination in the original colour, while the Time Machine is a fancy name for applying various filters themed around periods of history to an image. It tries to replicate the effect of various photo developing techniques from, for example, the Roaring Twenties or Swinging Sixties.

Film and Filters applies a variety of tradition film and filter types to images, while Skin Smoother, part of the Makeover Tools collection, gets rid of wrinkles, blemishes, and scars so you can turn granny into a teenager.

Quick Review is a slideshow manager for quickly fixing them, while Photo Trays providers users with a new way to sort images.

The software also includes the new Snapfire Plus SE photo and video sharing software, and is available from the


for £77 ex VAT, or £52 ex VAT for an upgrade.