Corel has just announced the release of Snapfire and Snapfire Plus, two new photo editing programmes designed to make editing and organising images easy for beginners and more advance amateurs.

Snapfire is a free download from Corel’s website, and offers a way for amateurs to organise and share not just their photos, but videos as well.

The software seems to be in beta right now, since Corel is requesting user feedback on how to improve the service.

One of the most highly-touted features is a customised slideshow that includes user-selected music tracks and motion effect to zoom in and across images and videos.

The software also allows users to create photo projects through templates for albums, calendars, collages, and cards.

An online Message Center ensures that users are introduced to the software’s features and can receive tips, tutorials, and news.

Other features include automatic image gathering from the My Pictures folder, full-screen Quick Review, One-click photo-enhancement, and a built-in Photo Doctor.

Snapfire Plus, which is available for £25, offers yet more features, including Makeover Tools and Picture Tubes found in Corel Paint Shop Pro, as well as the PhotoSafe Backup System.

Visit the Snapfire


to download the free software.