Most high-spec webcams are quite expensive, but Hercules has managed to combine a range of impressive features with a low price of just £40.

The Dualpix HD offers superior photographic quality with 5MP capture and a 1.3Mp sensor for videos.

It also boasts a 3x digital zoom, 30fps video capture, and an integrated microphone.

With a new clamping system for screens, the webcam is designed to be sturdily attached, and unlike many other models, looks more like an elegant tool than a childish toy.

Webcam Station Evolution software makes operating the camera easy and intuitive, and helps users understand functions like Burst Mode, Infinite Images, Emotion Delayer, and Travelling-Zoom.

The camera is compatible with all major messaging, and features an automatic format conversion system to make it easy to transfer data and videos to portable media players.

Look out for the Hercules Dualpix HD Webcam in October.