Eye-Fi is developing an ingenious little device designed to give some digital cameras wifi connectivitiy.

The Eye-Film 1GB SD card combines an 802.11g 54mbps Wi-Fi chip on to a regular-sized SD card, so that cameras that support the SD card format can beam images to a PC.

The card is still in development, with beta trial results expected to be reported in the Autumn.

Because the size of the chip used to story data is shrinking, hence making it possible to create mini- and micro-SD cards, there's enough space on a regular SD card to incorporate the wifi chip.

The company’s primary focus is on compatibility with digital cameras; however, it may expand compatibility to include PDAs and smartphones.

There's no word yet on how transmitting data wirelessly from the card will affect the camera battery.

There’s no word on pricing, as it hasn’t even come out of beta testing yet, but Pocket-lint will keep you posted.