A new web browser has debuted with integrated photo sharing that tries to make blogging and photo sharing quicker and simpler.

Originally launched in a developer test 8 months ago, Flock is a Mozilla-based web browser that has undergone vast improvements since its initial unveiling.

At the moment, only Flickr and PhotoBucket are supported by the browser, but more sites are expected to be added in future releases.

A statement on Flock's website says, "We are primarily focused on supporting the social dimension of the web, and on bringing information closer to the user".

"Right now this includes a heavy emphasis on the photo experience (from upload through discovery to notification), RSS support, dramatic improvements to the search bos (including a new take on favorites), and blogging."

In Flock beta 1, users simply drag pictures onto the Photo icon to upload, or even drag and drop images on any form field on the web. The pictures are automatically stored on to a Flickr or PhotoBucket account.

It also lets you view an entire photostream in the photo topbar when you hover the mouse over any picture hosted by either of the two sites.

Search in Flock is slightly different than in most other browsers. As you start typing into the box, Flock shows you results not just from the web, but also from your favourites and history.

Favorites can be tagged and categorised straightaway rather than having to be organised, and can be backed up with services like delicious.

Bloggers will also appreciates Flock's built-in editor, which lets you collect web content and organise photos while you're surfing to add to your blog.

The creators of the site admit that they still have a lot to do, but they're encouraging people to give it a go and give them feedback on how they can improve.



to try it out.