Ulead has announced VideoStudio 10 and VideoStudio 10 Plus, the newest versions of its consumer video editing and DVD authoring software.

"With version 10, VideoStudio hasn't changed so much as it has grown", said Mark Wurdemann, European Marketing Manager, Ulead. "Users new to video editing will find the software easier than ever. Advanced users can now take advantage of multiple overlay tracks, and complete support for high-definition video."

For the first time VideoStudio will be offered in two versions. VideoStudio 10 gives entry-level users affordable and easy-to-use editing and authoring tools for making great home movies. An advanced version, VideoStudio 10 Plus, delivers unique and powerful features for next generation quality and creativity.

VideoStudio 10 Plus will offer HD support and enable home users to edit high-definition video even on mid-range machines, VideoStudio 10 Plus incorporates Smart Proxy. Smart Proxy automatically converts HD video to smaller-sized proxy files that can be edited in real-time on less-powerful computers.

For output, Smart Proxy refers back to the original high-definition footage so the final quality is uncompromised.

VideoStudio 10 Plus is also the first consumer video editing program to allow users to author discs in the new HD-DVD format. Users can also playback HD content using InterVideo WinDVD playback software, included with the Plus package.

Additionally the Plus version of the software allows users to save video footage down to the MPEG4 format for sharing on mobile devices such as the Apple iPod, Sony PSP and the growing number of video-enabled mobile phones.

New filters have also been added to VideoStudio 10, including two corrective video filters. Enhance Lighting adds "fill light" to dark shots while Anti-Shake improves unsteady handheld video. Fish Eye, a creative filter, applies rounded, bubble-like distortion to video clips.

Ulead VideoStudio 10 and VideoStudio 10 Plus will be available in retail in the UK from early May. VideoStudio 10 is priced at £39.99; VideoStudio 10 Plus is priced at £59.99 for the full version and £39.99 for upgrades from VideoStudio versions 6, 7, 8 and 9 to VideoStudio 10 Plus version.