Got a digital camera sitting at home? Then chances are you aren't alone according to new figures out today from market research company GfK.

According to the report, the digital camera market has grown by 13% in the last year while sales in film cameras have declined by over half.

The numbers equate to just 600,000 film cameras were sold, half of the previous year's sales compared to over 6 million digital cameras in the same timeframe.

The numbers clearly demonstrate the positive effect the “Digital Age” is having on the imaging markets, however as we move further into 2006 the continued growth of this sector looks to be challenging said the company.

GfK warns that as price erosion continues, manufacturers and retailers will be faced with more challenges over product assortment and pricing as they attempt to appeal to more tech savvy consumers.

The report also shows the huge uptake in DSLR cameras in 2005. GfK recorded sales of these products growing by over 118%, giving an annual volume of nearly 190,000 units.