Epson has introduced two premium flatbed scanners, the Perfection V750 Pro and the Epson Perfection V700 Photo geared for the photo enthusiast or advanced amateur photographer.

The new models offer 6400dpi x 9600dpi, the innovative Dual Lens System, DIGITAL ICE Technologies and 4.0 DMax optical density.

Both products also offer Digital ICE Technologies, which will automatically remove dust, scratches, dirt and fingerprints from film and photos to create a crisp and clear final image.

In addition they feature a large scanning area reaching up to 8x10” (203 x
254mm) and four film holders that support 35mm film strips and slides, medium and large format film. You can batch scan multiple originals for increased productivity. The Epson Perfection V750 Pro is designed for those that require advanced film scanning capability to rival that of a dedicated film scanner. It features a High Pass Optics system to improve scanning speed and quality. An Anti-Reflection Optical Coating is applied to eliminate reflection and ghosting, producing a sharp and clear image, while a High Reflection Mirror improves the reflection of the scanned light to the sensor, resulting in faster scanning speeds. It is bundled with a fully comprehensive software suite that includes, Adobe PhotoShop Elements 3.0, SilverFast AI6 and Monaco EZcolor.

The Epson Perfection V700 Photo is ideal for the photo enthusiast or advanced amateur photographer. Its ability to handle all common film formats and scan multiple images simultaneously makes it a highly versatile solution for digitising your film. It also offers fast scanning speeds - as little as 44 seconds for a 35mm film and 11 seconds for an A4 monochrome document. Bundled software includes Adobe PhotoShop Elements 3.0 and SilverFast SE.

The V750 will cost £550 and the V700 will cost £339 when they are launched later this year.