Pinnacle, seeing a trend towards users wanting to transfer video to their PSP or iPod has updated its home editing software package that will allow them to do just that.

Pinnacle Studio v10.5. will include greater capabilities to enable users to export video in MPEG4 for viewing on portable devices like Sony's handheld console, the PSP and Apple's video iPod, as well as some performance enhancements that greatly improve the user experience.

The version also allows importing from 3G video-enabled phones.

For customers presently using a copy of Studio v10 and who would like to upgrade to v10.5, the patch is available at

The upgrade patch includes free performance enhancements that will benefit all Studio users. For customer specifically interested in exporting video to PSP or video iPod, these premium mobility capabilities will be made available for a nominal fee.

Pricing for Pinnacle Studio product range starts at £49.99.