If might sound dull, but without batteries all our lovely gadgets would be pointless paperweights.

Seeing that digital cameras, and other such gadget niceties suck the living life out of standard batteries quicker that you can say “power surge”, Duracell has launched a new range dedicated to digital camera users.

PowerPix is a disposable digital camera battery that promises up to twice as many pictures as an ordinary alkaline battery.

According to Duracell, the new batteries are powered by advanced NiOx technology, that has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of today's digital camera users.

Available in AA and AAA sizes, PowerPix utilizes advanced NiOx technology, a Nickel Oxy Hydroxide formulation [of course - Ed] that supposedly delivers significantly longer-lasting battery performance in digital cameras when compared with an ordinary alkaline battery.

PowerPix will be available in February 2006 America. We are still trying to find out whether or not they will be available in the UK at the same time.

The new battery will be sold in four- and eight-cell packs in AA size and four-cell packs in AAA size. The suggested retail price for a four-cell pack is $5.99.

We will keep you posted.