Bought yourself a new Canon 20D but didn't have enough money for a Macro lens? Not to worry, a camera enthusiast on the internet has published details on how you can make a macro lens for less than a £1 and have lunch at the same time.

Madness I hear you cry, but has managed to take a Pringles can, some lens covers and done just that.

The site, although lacking an ingredients list per say, details all you need to do to create your new macro lens on the cheap.

“Need I say that you do all of this on your own risk? If you chop a finger off, ruin a lens or your camera body, it's your own fault, and your own problem. Just be really careful, and you should be fine”, warns the site's author.

After instructing you how to make your new lens, the site goes on to give budding photographers tips on using the new lens before showing off what is possible.

“The internal light-meter is actually a good starting point - it isn't always accurate, but it gives you an idea. The great thing with digital SLRs, of course, is that you can try and err as much as you like. And trust me, there will be a lot of that while you try and figure out macro photography”.

The results are, considering how the lens was made, very impressive, Photocritic has even published some test shots that show the development process of the lens (if you can call it that) before finally getting the inner chamber right.

The overall process doesn't look like it is for the faint hearted, but if you've on a very tight, and we mean tight budget, have got some time, a Pringles can and the urge to take some photos up close, this might just do the trick.

And we thought the Pringles can was only good for making an impromptu Wi-Fi antenna for hacking.

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