With digital cameras topping search engine searches, it's no surprise that Britain is expected to take a staggering 1.2 billion digital photos over the festive period.

However according to Crucial who conveniently make memory cards, 35% of people who store pictures on their phone do not know which type of storage their phone uses.

This, according to the company, means that almost 10 million festive photos and memories are at risk of being lost or deleted.

The independent report by the company outlines that of the top 10 gadgets expected to be bought this Christmas, six will require memory cards to store digital data.

There are at least 10 different formats of memory cards for use in digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players and other devices.

Crucial's answer is to offer confused customers the chance to find out the right card for their digital device.

The site then lists all relevant products from phones to printers and lets you know what memory is best suited for your device.

You can use the service at www.memorycardselector.com

The top ten Christmas gadgets are:

1. CDs (154.3m)
2. DVDs (130m)
3. Video games (43.6m)
4. MP3 players (13.6m)
5. MP3 downloads (10.9m)
6. Portable media players (8.3m)
7. Digital cameras (8.8m)
8. Camera phones (7.6m)
9. Sony Playstation Portables (PSPs) (6m)
10.Digital storage devices (4.8m)