Kids will soon be able to make their own stake videos with a strap on helmet cam that will go on sale next month. The camera, which will be branded as the Tony Hawk Helmet Cam will cost £109 and be available from Amazon in October in time for Christmas.

The lightweight self-contained digital camcorder, which easily attaches to a helmet and records video and audio at the touch of a button.

"The Tony Hawk Helmet Cam will let you share the thrill of speed and stunts with your friends. Imagine being able to email them footage of your wild rides, complete with sound and special effects!" said Digital Blue CEO Tim Hall.

The Tony Hawk Helmet Camcorder straps to any helmet and comes with a 32MB memory card recording up to 30 minutes of video and sound. It weighs less than ½ lb and uses just two AAA batteries. The Tony Hawk Helmet Cam also features auto focus and 640 X 480 resolution, plus a built-in microphone with a 12 foot range.

It comes with a CD-ROM with software with tools for adding animation, text credits and music; for editing both audio and video; and for email and play back. The software lets kids edit their own video alongside footage of Tony Hawk and other athletes.