Blinkx, has released its search engine application for the OS X. The program, Blinkx Mac, aims to offer what the PC desktop searches offer but for the mac operating system.

In a statement on the website Blinkx states that “blinkx Mac is designed to complement Apple's upcoming Tiger release. Tiger has powerful features for searching information using metadata, and blinkx has powerful features for searching information conceptually.”

However it fails to mention Apple's own desktop search tool Spotlight to be launched within Tiger.

The program will assesses all the information that the user is actively viewing, and automatically recommends and retrieves relevant content, including PDFs, Zips, MP3s and Jpegs from local and Web searches, based on context.

This release also features Preview Thumbnails, which provide users with screenshots of the suggested links for improved navigation and ease of use
In addition to the live search facilities the software program also offers Smart Folders, that are persistent intelligent folders that automatically update their content as new information becomes available.