BenQ have launched five new models to its lineup of digital cameras. Features across the new models include touch-screens, large-sized LCD screens and hand-writing function.

Top of the range are the C60 and C62 6 megapixel models featuring a 3x optical zoom. The BenQ DC C62 has a fast 1 second start-up, 0.01 second release time lag and 0.1 per second photo playback, and comes equipped with 19 Scene-modes, while the BenQ DC C60 comes with a 2in LCD display

The 5 megapixel quota is filled with the BenQ DC 51. Like the 60, the camera comes with a 2in colour LTPS-LCD screen. With a maximum resolution of up to 8 mega pixels by interpolation, the model also offers a wide-array of shutter speeds ranging from 1/2000 through 6 seconds.

In the mid 4 and 3 megapixel offering BenQ has launched the BenQ DC E41 and E30. According to BenQ, the BenQ E41 is also the world's only digital camera equipped with a 2in touch-screen. In addition to this, the DC E41 also sports a convenient hand a writing function, MP3 playback capabilities and a scrawling function with 100 downloadable photo frames. The BenQ DC E41 comes in three colors, red, gold and blue following what seems to be fast becoming the norm with digital cameras.

Prices for the new models are as follows:
E30 - £69
E41 - £129
C51 - £169
C60 - £249
C62 - £229