Trust has launched a pair of binoculars that have a built in digital camera.

The Trust 580Z Binocular DigiC@m bring the most distant of objects up to 8x closer and the integrated digital camera can then be used to take photographs up to a further 7x closer by using the fixed focus.

When its not being a camera the Trust 580Z Binocular DigiC@m is an 8x22 pair of binoculars with a 22 mm objective lens and a 2.75 mm exit pupil which, offering a 7° field of vision (37.1 metres at a distance of 914.4 metres) and the close focus distance of 6 metres, can be used to view the most distant of objects close up.

The Binos sport a 1/3" optical CMOS sensor with a 1.3 Megapixel resolution. The binoculars have a clear LCD screen which can be used to display the menu functions and the status of, for example, the digital camera and the batteries. This device can also be used as a webcam, which displays up to 15 frames per seconds, and as a video camera for making short video clips of up to 9 frames per second.

The Trust 580Z Binocular DigiC@m has a 12 MB internal memory that can be used to save a maximum of 135 photographs. Or you can use an optional SD or MMC memory card in the slot provided.

The binoculars are available now and have a RRP of £60